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This guide will let you know how to beat the SIMON Grey in New World
New World has plenty of unique activities to participate in and monsters to take on during your time adventuring through Aeternum. The first major one that players will visit is the Expedition Amrite Excavation.

This guide will let you know how to beat the SIMON Grey in Amrine Expedition in the New World. It will provide you with some strategies to defeat him.

Where to find Simon Grey in Amrine Expedition?
Simon Grey is in the last chamber of the Amrine Expedition, known as the Obelisk Cavern. You'll have to make your way through swarms of enemies and kill Foreman Nakashima before you can reach him. Be patient when you arrive; he'll go through a few lines of dialogue before you can engage him.

How to defeat Simon Grey
The most important thing to defeat Simon Grey is done before you even enter the dungeon. Ensure that you have an adequate team composition, with the optimal setup being at least one tank, one healer, and three DPS. Given that Expedition is available to players below 25, you’ll want to make sure you have enough people on your team who are at or above this level to pick up any slack from under-leveled players.

The first strategy is that if you are a tank, you need to lose the aggro on the boss. Then you will be able to distract the zombies from the other members, zombies will chase you, and the other members will attack the boss.

When Simon Grey becomes available to attack, make sure that your tank grabs aggro first. He hits hard, and when he raises both his fists and smashes them to the ground, anyone in range in front of him gets stunned. Therefore, position yourself behind him if you're not a tank.

During the battle Grey will spawn Star Excavation Workers, and you’ll want your DPS players to lure these away from Grey as to remove the buff they provide him and take them out quickly. Outside this, it’s clockwork until the completion of the fight.

The other strategy is that you can taunt everything there if you have the tank, but it depends on the tank’s survivability. The tank can die, but your group members have to give damage to the boss only. If they kill the zombies, they will respawn; it’s very hard to get aggro on them, and then the members will get damage from their attacks. If you have a higher-level tank, then you can defeat the boss and zombies. You must have healers with you if you have a low-level tank.

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