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What are the popular snacks in Tibet?
When preparing for a trip to Tibet, it is important to learn about the local food of Tibet. Tibetan food is a kind of special cuisine. In addition to a large number of staple Lhasa food and meals, it also includes more snacks.

Butter tea is a representative drink of Tibetan cuisine, and Tibetan restaurants basically provide it. Butter tea contains high calories, tastes salty and sweet, and is mellow and delicious. It can be used as a usual drink and can satisfy hunger. Ghee tea is better when used with a local ji rake.

Sweet tea is as famous as butter tea. Both are Tibetan drinks and are very distinctive. In contrast to the saltiness of butter tea, sweet tea is sweet and tastes similar to milk tea, but lighter and milkier.

Highland barley wine, as the name suggests, is wine made from highland barley. Highland barley is a unique crop in high-altitude areas, and many foods in Tibet contain highland barley, such as tsampa. Highland barley wine has a low alcohol concentration and a refreshing taste, similar to beer.

Tibetan yogurt tastes sour, but feels very thick, sticky, and has a strong milky taste. It may be very unaccustomed to eating Tibetan yogurt for the first time. If you are not used to the taste, you can add sugar and mix it. White sugar is not dissolved in yogurt, and it tastes rustling, which is very wonderful.

milk residue snack
This is a very common dim sum in Tibet. Add sugar, rock sugar, and ghee to the milk residue, knead it into a ball, and set it aside to dry. It tastes crispy, sweet and delicious, with plenty of milk.

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