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There were so many bots running at AZs
For boots , get Dragon Boots, gloves try for cheap OSRS GP Barrows Glvoes , or if you don't have them, you can get a battle bracelet. Amulets include 2 chocolates or a fury if have money, or a glory if your short in cash. When it comes to a cape, there's plenty of options, you just need to get the best you can. If you're training to be strong, the most important thing you'll require is a dragon's defender. this is what you should be focusing on!

Can you sell it back so that you can afford a skill objective, for example, 85 herblore? No. - Presuming he has no money to begin with so there's nothing that he can trade back. Can you make more $ in the hrs spent to get it? Yes. There's no way that you'll be able to earn enough money to pay for BCP in the time it takes to acquire a torso.

In the end: Torso is not worth getting. Period. For those who don't have cash to spend, this is an excellent alternative. The only issue I see for slayer is the slight reward for prayers. The loss of defence bonus tiny. Do you have proof? The average money maker is 1m/hr. It will take an inexperienced players for that long to master BA and then you'd have the money for BCP.

I never said the def bonuses mattered. If you check out my other threads, i prefer str over def at any time of the week. You can't sell the torso to another person, so the difference is minimal. I can assure you that "average" money-maker makes considerably less than 1 million an hour. There are actually only a handful of methods to make that much.

There were so many bots running at AZs. I only buy OSRS gold managed 50k/hr. Most slayers offer 80k+ xp per hr. I'm not aware of one single task with a rate of 80k xp/hour. Make sure to click at the right time on AZS and you'll not be in trouble. It's not as if people don't bot slayer as well.
Bots on social networking platforms post incessantly, disseminating uncurated information using trending subject and tags as the primary techniques for reaching a bigger audience. They continue to post false news stories, and they utilize the same fraudulent material to react to or remark on the posts of legitimate social media users. But don't panic, social media platforms have made efforts to cut down on the number of bots and bogus profiles on their platform. If you are interested or want to play strategy games, download kingdom rush.


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